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Building & Pest Reports

Building & Pest Inspection Report


It is highly recommended that a combination building & pest inspection report be carried out in order to provide you with thorough inspection reports.


A building inspection will identify significant building defects or problems and provide repair costs for the defects found. The inspector will compare the property inspected with buildings of similar age and construction and will give an overall rating for the dwelling in the Building Report.

The inspector will access the roof void, the sub-floor as well as the entire building internally and externally to report on such defects as:


  • Rising damp.


  • Shower leaks.


  • Timber decay or termite damage.


  • Cracks in external brickwork & internal walls.


  • Roof tile condition.


  • Sub-floor ventilation & drainage.

A pest inspection will report on all areas to the homes sub-floor, roof void, internal rooms and areas within 50 metres of the dwelling or within the boundary lines. In the Pest Report the inspector will report on defects such as:


  • Termite activity past or present.


  • Past termite treatments where evidence or paperwork is provided.


  • Borer damage to dry seasoned timbers.


  • Significant decay.


  • Poor sub-floor ventilation.


  • Recommendations to help prevent future termite attack.


We recommend a pest inspection be carried out in conjunction with a building inspection so any termite damage that is detected by the pest inspector can be checked by the building inspector to determine if repairs are required.  If reports are being carried out on a strata property or a company title property, it is highly recommended that you carry out a Clarity Strata Inspection Report.  The strata report will support the findings of the building and pest inspection, along with inform of past issues that may no longer be visible along with the financials of the property in order to meet the needs to cover some repairs.

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